Современные "либералы": как же они все похожи

Знания в массы!
Высказывания либеральных публицистов по итогам выборов в основном в духе "как они посмели не разделять наших идей".

...millions and millions of Americans are willing to vote for a candidate who has been endorsed by the Klan. They are willing to vote for a candidate who has displayed open contempt for women. They are willing to vote for a candidate whose base is openly hostile to people of color, immigrants and Muslims.


...There turn out to be a huge number of people — white people, living mainly in rural areas — who don’t share at all our idea of what America is about.

В комментариях вообще чудесное:
I feel surrounded by racist, misogynist know-nothings. People who want to destroy all the progress women have made. So the Times reports that white, non-college-educated women voted for Trump" Congrats, ladies. Let's see what he does for you. This is a victory for xenophobic rapists.


Вот реально, как пишет оди из модераторов военного TheMess (c)
The looks on the faces of the media types are fucking priceless. They're already freaking out because he's winning. They can't believe that all of those "rural, non college educated" voters are actually voting. They say it with venom dripping off their chins.They also don't understand why "white, college educated women" are voting for Trump in Florida because, you know, he says mean things and calls beauty queens fat when they break their contracts by getting fat.

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2016-11-09 в 13:00 

Нет свободы для врагов свободы!
Там же, в TheMess: "you know all us Russian agents get free vodka"

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